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Imani Community Health Education and Wellness (Imani CHEW)

Imani Consultants PhD - Graduate Medical Education Consulting /Student Success Consulting

Sapphire Sistas  - Philantrophy

NonProfit Organization - Imani Consult PhD - EIN:  86-2325804


Introduction  - Thank you for visiting!  IMANI-CHEW has as our main goal to help individuals navigate life's hectic journey.  Whether you are looking for a Health and Wellness Advocate, a partnership from Sapphire Sistas Philantrophy, a Graduate Medical Education Consultant or even help with your academic pursuits, I am glad you stopped by.

As a lifelong learner, I wanted to be able to provide comprehensive consultation services to those in the areas listed above.  Having the education credentials was key to providing these consultations, so I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Behavior/Business Administration; a Master of Business Administration (MBA); a Doctor of Theology; an Education Specialist Degree with a Teaching and Learning Specialization; and a Ph.D. in Public Health – with a specialization in Community Health and Education. 

Community Health Education Advocate - While working on my PhD in Public Health, I knew that I wanted to make in impact in the health and education arena.  I wanted to focus on the promotion of health and healing as part of the mission and ministry of the larger faith group and the wider community. This includes efforts ranging from nutrition to showing individuals how a healthful lifestyle is promoted in a spiritual manner.  Famed televangelist TD Jakes says, “No matter how much talent you have in your mind and your spirit, if your body is not able to function, you are not able to fulfill your destiny.” My focus for Imani Consult PhD is to develop and sustain a partnership between public health advocates and the faith based community.

Sapphire Sistas is the philantrophic arm of Imani Consultants PhD.  Our motto is "Faith In Humanity by Giving"  we are excited to assist our local, regional or national community by volunteering our time and services or with a monetary donation.  We look forward to working in partnership with other service agencies in the Sacramento/Vallejo/Fairfield, California Bay Area


As a Student Success Consultant, I have over 30 years of experience, helping you or a student in your life find their academic inspiration. Whether that is returning to higher education or career enhancement - I can assist you, encourage you and inspire you to find your passion and to realize your academic goals. As an Education Specialist, I focus my efforts on helping college students successfully complete their education.  I recently developed curriculum for 4th year medical students on selecting a residency program as well as teaching Doctoring 1 for 1st year medical students.

Graduate Medical Education (GME) Consulting.  I have significant personal and professional experience of close to 30 years in graduate medical education (all facets of GME) to help you find strategies, tools and tips to successfully manage your training program(s).  As an inaugural member of the ACGME Coordinator Advisory Group and as a featured and invited speaker to many Specialty Conferences, including the ACGME Annual Conference, I am well equipped to find solutions for your GME challenges.  

Free 30 minute consultation for new GME clients!!


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PHEC Broadcast with Dr. Charlotte Huntley -

Black Doctoral Network -

ACGME Plenary Speaker -



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Consulting - Community Health Education; Student Success, GME Consultant and

Sapphire Sistas Philantrophy

For I know the Plans I have for you, declares the Lord; Plans to Prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you Hope and a Future - Jeremiah 29:11 

I believe that all knowledge comes from God and that people are open and willing to make better choices concerning their health education and wellness as well as their academic pursuits.  

True education is the ability to think, reason, and create from a moral perspective. My consulting coupled with my faith addresses the whole person, not just programs and academics.

Inspiring Minds is what I do!  My passion is education; I want to simply inspire others and encouraging them to cultivate their academic, professional and personal success!

What our customers are saying

In this episode, Dr. Juanita Braxton shares her passion for community focused public health interventions, as well as her passion for educating and serving communities..

She considers her PhD in public health to be her “community service” degree, as it provides her with the opportunity to give back to her community in many ways..

Tune in to the full episode so that you can take in all that she shared, which is truly encouraging and inspirational


The link to listen is below: - Public Health Epidemiology Careers Podcast


Juanita L Braxton, PhD

(2024 Focus: Veterans - Support)

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